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Accessing and using the site

The website http://api.md is the property of the Independent Press Association API (based in Chisinau, Bucharest 41/5) and provides information about the work and programmes of the organisation and its member newsrooms, including the media products they produce.

Through the website you can also sign up for various activities that the organization offers, access our social media pages, read useful media information, download the resources we make available or donate to financially support our activities. We should inform you that third party platforms that facilitate these processes for our website have their own sets of terms and conditions as well as privacy policies.


Site Content - Intellectual Property Rights and Restrictions

Site content may be reproduced or distributed for personal use only. By content we mean logo, images, video/audio, articles, graphics/infographics and other publications, web graphics or personal data (of individuals who are part of the API team) or other data of our partners. The content of the Api.md website is the property of API and is protected by the applicable Moldovan legislation on copyright and related rights. The copyright material signed by the API team, as well as that taken from the press, published on www.api.md  is protected by copyright and may be taken, with indication of the source.

We strive to keep the content of the site error-free, but sometimes it is necessary to intervene on certain sections of content to correct or add new information. Thus, we reserve the right to change, delete or archive content on the Api.md website without informing you in advance.

We care about providing you with the safest possible browsing experience on our site, so you should know that we make efforts to check whether links to other sites are safe connections, but we cannot guarantee this. To avoid inconvenience, please understand that API is not responsible for the information you find through external links or for the way these sites process data. We advise you to always check the links you wish to access and then decide whether to visit those sites.


Electronic communication

By accessing the Api.md website, you have the option to consent to electronic communications with API. In general, we do not send you notifications on the site, but we do post announcements about our activities and projects on the Facebook page managed by the API team (and by email, if you have consented in advance). By following this page, you are implicitly consenting to receive these notifications from us. For other communication channels through which we may contact you, we need your explicit consent - email, phone (but not only), which you can express - or not, when you allow us to collect your data.

The list of remote communication techniques includes, but is not limited to, the following:

a) letter by physical mail;

b) electronic mail (e-mail);

c) landline and mobile telephone;

d) TV and radio;

e) social networking;


Data privacy and information security

We collect only that information which is necessary for the work API carries out through its projects and programmes. All information you provide about yourself is stored securely and is not accessible to other users of this site. We only use your data for the purposes we state when we collect your data.

We may collect your data when you fill out a form on our website, when you donate via the form on our website, when you contact us by email directly or if you interact with us on our social media pages. We also collect data about how you use our site, which we use only for the purpose of improving the performance of the site. Details of API's processing of this personal data are available in our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy [insert link].

API guarantees the security and confidentiality of data hosted and transmitted through our computer system, but does not assume responsibility for loss of information caused by any malfunctions or failures of the platform on which the site is designed and hosted, nor does it guarantee that the site, server or emails sent from http://api.md are free of viruses or other harmful components. Furthermore, API is not responsible for failures that jeopardize the security of the server on which the site is hosted. If we become aware of problems or irregularities in the functioning of communication channels and other platforms that facilitate communication with you that may put your data at risk, we will notify you as soon as possible.


We are committed to respecting your rights as protected by national data protection laws.

Without limitation, you have the following rights: the right to ask API to give you access to the data we collect about you, the right to ask us to rectify, update, block or delete, free of charge, data provided to us whose processing does not comply with national data protection law, the right to ask us to stop processing your personal data, the right to ask us to stop sending you email notices or notifications. All you have to do is to send us a notification containing your date and signature by e-mail to: api@api.md and we will ensure that your rights are respected.



By accessing http://api.md you acknowledge that the Terms and Conditions you have just read are governed by national law. Any dispute will be settled under the applicable regulations specific to the nature of the dispute. If we are in a dispute with you, we want to try to resolve it amicably before going to court.


Final provisions

If any of the above clauses are found to be void or invalid for any reason, this will not affect the validity of the other clauses. By accessing, browsing and interacting with the Api.md website, you accept without objection the Terms and Conditions, which shall be deemed to constitute a contract between you and API.