1. Introduction


In order to support its activities, the Association of Independent Press (API) can collect funds through several tools, including the Support API page on the website www.api.md. Using and performing operations on the Support API page assumes that the Payment Terms and Conditions have been read and accepted.


By donating to API, you directly contribute to the development of the independent media in the Republic of Moldova, our mission being to contribute to increasing the sustainability of independent media through professional and financial capacity building, improving public policy, digitization and enhancing the quality of the journalistic product.


2. General Notions


The website www.api.md, hereinafter called "Site", is managed by A.O. "Association of Independent Press", based in the Republic of Moldova, MD-2012, Bucuresti 41/5 Str., Chisinau, tax code 1010620004936. The content of the Site (images, texts, graphics, symbols, WEB graphic elements, scripts, programs and other data) is the property of API and is protected by the Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights.


Any individual or legal person who chooses to support API's activity through donations acts as a donor. In this regard, it may be necessary to process the card or other online payment instruments held by the donor.


When a person operates a donation, there appears an unwritten agreement with API who will be the beneficiary of that donation. These provisions govern the activity of both parties of the agreement and are provided for by the legislation in force of the Republic of Moldova regarding donations.


3. Obligations


API has the obligation to ensure the proper functioning of the donation platform and to use the collected funds according to the statutory purposes. API also undertakes to inform donors about the use of funds, upon their request. Also, API will confirm receipt of donations through electronic checks sent to donors by email.


On the other hand, donors have the obligation to use legal financial means. API will not accept donations that come from illegal activities and/or from people with criminal convictions. If such cases are identified, the donations will be returned.


4. Confidentiality of Informations


The data entered on the site will be used only for the purpose of facilitating the donations. API will not use the information for purposes other than those stated. The data provided by the donor will not be made available to any individual person, legal entity or institution, unless they are requested by the legal authorities to verify the transactions or in other cases provided by law and in accordance with the procedures established by these laws.


5. Donations


On the API website, the donations are processed via Mastercard or Visa cards. If the currency of the card and the currency of the donation do not coincide, then the conversion will take place according to the rules of the card issuer.


The amount of the selected donation is the net cost that will be paid by the user, without any additional fees. The donated money will go to the API account, which has a contract with the payment processor.


6. Donations Return Policy


The donations can be returned within 30 calendar days based on an express request from the donor. A written request to the API indicating the details of the donation, attaching the proof of transfer through our website, will be submitted by the donor.


Also, the organization will also return the donations that come from people who are under criminal investigation or serving time for illegal activities.


7. Disputes and Conflicts


The attempts of unauthorized access to the API website and fraud attempts will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Any disputes, disagreements or claims resulting from donations will be amicably resolved. If this is not possible, the dispute will be resolved in the courts of the Republic of Moldova.


The general terms and conditions are considered to be known and accepted by the donor at the time of making the donation. API reserves the right to adjust these terms to facilitate donations or to streamline procedures in accordance with applicable law without prior notice.


8. Duration


The provisions of this document are indefinite and effective from the moment of publication.