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Media has failed the exam of professional maturity and informing objectively citizens
Nadine Gogu și Petru Macovei au prezentat raportul final de monitorizare a mass-media în campania electorală
Foto: API

API and Centre for Independent Journalism (CJI) presented the final monitoring report at the round table “Mass media during presidential elections 2016: information and manipulation”, held by the Press Council. Experts engaged in monitoring presented general conclusions and findings for the monitoring period: 15 September 2016 – 13 November 2016.

Some TV channels with national coverage did not organize debates with the participation of candidates in prime time in the evenings, thus, depriving citizens of the right to be informed and make a conscious choice. "During the campaign, the 12 TV channels monitored most often favored Marian Lupu, especially by broadcasting news about government activities, which indirectly favored this candidate. Igor Dodon was usually favored as well, while Maia Sandu was disadvantaged. TV channels Prime, Canal2, Canal3, Publika TV, NTV Moldova, Accent TV and Jurnal TV advocated overtly, favoring or disadvantaging certain candidates and failed to comply with the provisions governing coverage of election campaign provided for in the Regulation approved by CEC. TV7, Moldova1, Pro TV, Realitatea TV covered the election campaign in a more or less unbiased way”, said Nadine Gogu, executive director of CJI. You can find more detailed information on the way TV channels covered the election campaign here.

Online portals published very often news from one and the same source and most often accusations were not followed by the provision of the right to reply to those mentioned in news. The 12 portals monitored most often posted news presenting Igor Dodon in a bad light and Maia Sandu in a good light. Portals Agora.md, Newsmaker.md, Realitatea.md reflected the campaign impartially and with no obvious editorial preferences and we can claim the same, to a lesser extent, about Unimedia.info and Deschide.md. The portals Today.md and Moldova24.info had an editorial policy clearly aiming at discrediting the opponents of the current government, sometimes by broadcasting distorted or even false information. Jurnal.md, Ziarulnational.md, Sputnik.md favored or disadvantaged in an obvious manner certain electoral candidates, Noi.md and Gagauzinfo.md had a more balanced editorial behavior during the first of elections but favored obviously Igor Dodon in the second round.

„We have noticed that in quite many publications and reports facts were replaced by opinions and biased comments. Some media institutions had an objective and balanced coverage of election campaign but overall the situation looks rather sad”, declared Petru Macovei, executive director of API. You can find more detailed information on the way portals and newspapers covered the election campaign here.

„We have witnessed everything in this campaign and I may certainly claim that it was by far the dirtiest and most irresponsible campaign, especially on TV channels owned by politicians. For instance, opinion polls were used as tools of manipulation. TV channels that were advocating some candidates turned their news bulletins into opinion programs. News was full of manipulative and defamatory headlines, texts abounded with adjectives, labels and epithets. The media war helped no-one. Media did not inform voters on candidates’ programs. There was a novelty on the online segment during this campaign. Quite a few portals appeared just before the elections and they spread defamatory, false news. The national regulatory authority, the Coordinating Council of the Audiovisual started very late the monitoring process and overlooked serious infringements thus creating the impression that it had been done deliberately. We can be sure that media failed the exam in terms of professional maturity and informing objectively citizens”, believes Ion Bunduchi, executive director of Electronic Press Association.

„We regret that journalists’ reports resorted to labeling and foul language. We have noticed several manipulation tools using headlines that have no links with the news, using images and false information. We certainly did not have a civilized campaign, neither in terms of the language used nor attitude to candidates, nor the effort to inform citizens. Most manipulation techniques were used to denigrate electoral candidates and most norms and provisions of the Code of Conduct and generally accepted journalistic standards were not complied with. The press, particularly, the online press became a platform for launching false information and fake news and other media took them over and spread them”, claimed Viorica Zaharia, media expert, chairperson of the Press Council.

Media institutions that have been monitored:

Audiovisual: Moldova 1, Prime TV, Canal 2, Canal 3, Publika TV, Jurnal TV, Realitatea TV, NTV Moldova, ProTV Chişinău, TV7, Accent TV, N4 TV

Online portals: Agora.md, Deschide.md, Gagauzinfo.md, Jurnal.md, Moldova24.info, Newsmaker.md, Noi.md, Realitatea.md, Sputnik.md, Today.md, Unimedia.info, Ziarulnational.md

Print press: Komsomolskaia pravda v Moldove, Panorama, Săptămîna, Timpul.

Monitoring was carried out within the project funded by National Endowment for Democracy (SUA) and Council of Europe; the project goal is monitoring and informing public opinion on media institutions editorial policy during elections and during the presidential election campaign in the Republic of Moldova.

For further information - Diana Lungu, communication coordinator API: 0 22 210609 or diana.lungu@api.md


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