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API este semnatară a Codului Deontologic al jurnalistului din R. Moldova.

API este membru al Asociației Mondiale a Ziarelor și a Producătorilor de Știri

(World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers - WAN/IFRA)

Ştiri API
Designers trained how to make newspapers attractive and competitive
Participanţii instruirii „Designul contemporan al presei”, organizat de API la 22 februarie 2013
Foto: API

In order to sell better and lead among the main competitors, the newspapers must be full of relevant content, as well as have an attractive „wrapping” – this is one of the main conclusions drawn by the participants to the training session „Contemporary media design”, organized by API on February 22, 2013.

The training session aimed at building and strengthening the knowledge of designers under API-member newspapers, and informing them about the present tendencies in newspaper design, the training program including a multimedia presentation of world trends for the pagination of a modern newspaper. The trainer Angela Ivanesi mentioned that the rapid development of informational technologies, in general, and of desktop publishing technologies, in particular, generated the need to concentrate all issues related to illustration, separation of colors, image processing into one person’s hands – designer/pagination specialist. „The modern newspaper design needs big and beautiful illustrations for influencing the manner of transposing textual information, which must be concise. Reporters should deliver the materials in due time, since designers frequently face the situations when they have to cut down a part of the author’s text and use a well-done and meaningful illustration (photograph or non-photograph). Thus, the efficient collaboration between the designer and reporter/editor is essential”, A. Ivanesi concluded.

The participants shared their own experience regarding the reporter-designer collaboration in the process of newspaper lay-out. Some of them said they are working according to „modules” – the lay-out is done according to the number of signs, encountering, thus, no difficulties. Elena Roman, designer at „Cuvântul” newspaper, says she has sorted out this problem simply, „merging” the jobs of editor and designer. „I plan the images and the amount of text I need in advance. In order to apply into practice the main ideas and help the reader easily assimilate the information, we should make use of as many clear graphical elements and images as possible. Thus, the accomplishment of the expected result foresees a lot of experimenting”, E. Roman specified.

Some designers highlighted the fact that it is not always that they can find common language with reporters and editors who „fight” for every word in the text and any picture. In some cases, the images lack quality, and the authors oppose to excluding them. Victor Luca, designer at „Natura” magazine, says: „Most frequently, the reporters submit their news items in the last minute and, because of the lack of time or simply because we are not aware of the article content, we fail to identify an appropriate illustration. Reporters and editors-in-chief should take into consideration our opinions as the newspapers will be the ones to win in the long run”.

The guest of the event was Vladimir Moroz, prepress specialist from Edit Tipar Grup Printing House, where five of API-member newspapers are being printed. He spoke to the participants about the peculiarities of newspaper printing, approached the basic principles of the printing technology, the requirements for the received materials and possibilities of the printing houses, solutions for avoiding prepress errors, management of colors, errors occurring while processing images, illustrations and the parameters determining their quality etc. V. Moroz expressed his availability to discuss these issues with designers and editors whenever necessary.

The designers were entailed as well in practical activities, which consisted in drafting some charts with the best and the worst newspaper designs from the country and abroad. The participants expressed their approval for setting up a database with graphs, information maps, etc., produced by API designers, which could be used by API-member newspapers.

This event was possible owing to the kind support of American people, provided by means of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), under the Program „Building Civil Society in Moldova” (MCSSP), implemented by FHI 360. The opinions expressed thereof belong to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of USAID, US Government or FHI 360.


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O familie din Orhei acuză medicii spitalului raional de neglijență
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O familie din Orhei acuză medicii de neglijență. „Medicii ne-au spus că până nu vine rezultatul testului la COVID-19 nu pot acorda niciun ajutor medical surorii mele”. Reacția Spitalului raional Orhei
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Au intrat în vigoare noile tarife la energia electrică pentru consumatori
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Reguli noi de amplasare și construire a stațiilor de alimentare cu combustibil și a depozitelor de produse petroliere în municipiul Chișinău
Consiliul municipal Chișinău a adoptat o decizie care prevede reglementarea amplasării stațiilor de alimentare cu combustibil și a depozitelor de produse petroliere în limitele teritoriale…
8 August 2020
Orban, despre gazoductul Ungheni – Chișinău: Oferim astfel, o alternativă locuitorilor din Republica Moldova la gazul rusesc
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Адреса в Бельцах, где с 10 августа будут отключать свет или газ
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A fost dat startul celei de-a doua etapă de înregistrare a lecţiilor online pentru elevi
Primăria mun. Chișinău anunță că ieri a fost dat startul celei de-a doua etapă a proiectului „Educație online”, care prevede completarea bibliotecii digitale cu lecții…
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(Фото) Катастрофа пассажирского самолета в Индии: погиб пилот и 14 пассажиров
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12 фотографий Бельц 20—30-х годов, на которых город не узнать
Коллаж "СП" 12 фотографий Бельц 20—30-х годов, на которых город не узнать Месяц назад «СП» опубликовала серию снимков 60—70-х годов XX века, на которых, как…
8 August 2020
O veste bună de la București_ Gazoductul Ungheni_Chișinău este gata, dar gazul încă nu este
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(карта) Какая погода ждет жителей Молдовы в субботу
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Карантин, школа и лечение по телефону. Как бельчане обсуждают в фейсбуке новости «СП»
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Курс валют Национального банка Молдовы на сегодня
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Autoritățile anunță că piscinele se redeschid, de data asta din 10 august
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Самолет в Индии разломился пополам при посадке. На борту больше 190 человек, есть жертвы
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Botnari s-a tratat de COVID-19. Primăria Hâncești își reia activitatea
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Amenzi de mii de lei pentru gunoiști neautorizate
În lipsa unui management corect al deşeurilor, noi gunoişti se formează în afara perimetrelor admise şi special amenajate. Aceste amplasamente prezintă pericol de  poluare a…
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Piscinele își pot relua activitatea
Piscinele și bazinele de înot își pot relua activitatea din 10 august. Este decizia de astăzi, 7 august, a Comisiei Naționale Extraordinare de Sănătate Publică,…
7 August 2020
Un minor s-a înecat într-un lac din sectorul Botanica
Un minor de 15 ani s-a înecat într-un lac din sectorul Botanica, în după amiaza zilei de astăzi, 7 august. Salvatorii Inspectoratului General pentru Situaţii de…
7 August 2020
Igor Boțan: UE este gata să acorde asistență, dar își dorește reciprocitate
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