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API este semnatară a Codului Deontologic al jurnalistului din R. Moldova.

API este membru al Asociației Mondiale a Ziarelor și a Producătorilor de Știri

(World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers - WAN/IFRA)

Ştiri API
API concludes tendencies of informational manipulation in mass-media
Foto: API

On Monday, 16 June 2014, the API launched its first quarterly report on monitoring mass-media institutions on how they cover major public interest issues, with a view to determine possible tendencies for informational manipulation. The report includes the outcomes as a result of the content analysis of 12 mass-media institutions from Republic of Moldova (print press, audio-visual and online media), performed during February-April 2014. Similarly, the report contains a special chapter with regard to the coverage of Ukrainian conflict by five television channels from Russian Federation, re-broadcast in Republic of Moldova.

The authors of the report conclude certain tendencies of informational manipulation, to which some mass-media institutions from Republic of Moldova resort and which are predominantly achieved by selecting journalistic subjects not basing on their importance and public interest level, but basing on the preferences and agenda of media owners. Thus, certain media institutions either avoided to publicize specific public interest information, or presented concise information, without ensuring a full overview and enough details to the public, which would enable information consumers to understand the essence of situations. Another procedure of informational manipulation which is rather popular among the monitored mass-media institutions relies in the exacerbation (exaggeration) of facts, with the goal to perpetuate and promote certain messages, as well as discredit the protagonists. In some cases, the monitored mass-media institutions ensured a pseudo-pluralism of opinions, by selecting sources and opinions sharing the same thought, by conveying the same message and acting as lawyers for the same issue, with the goal to perpetuate a positive or negative perception about certain actors.

During one week (18-24 April 2014), API has also monitored the coverage of the Ukrainian conflict and the Russian-Ukrainian dispute by five Russian television channels, re-broadcast in Moldova (NTV, Pervyi Kanal, RTR, REN TV and Rossiya 24). The results show that the concerned TV channels have systematically propagated the idea of secessionism in Ukrainian south-eastern regions, some of them being used as propaganda tools in order to implant among the population the false idea of Kiev’s aggression against peaceful dwellers and lack of desire on behalf of Ukrainian authorities to settle the conflict amiably. Promotion and intensification of unreasonable rumours, manipulation of text and images, use of labels with a view to discredit one of the conflicting parties, editing and faking video images by including archived images which had been recorded in a totally different place – these and other procedures and techniques of informational manipulation had been constantly employed by the television channels from Russian Federation, re-broadcast in Moldova.

The monitoring report produced by API contains a set of general recommendations for ensuring the citizen’s constitutional right to information, and such recommendations ground on the legal and deontological obligation of mass-media institutions to inform the public about subjects of interest in a correct and objective manner. Thus, media institutions are advised: to consider, first of all, the importance and degree of public interest, but not the preferences and agenda of media owners; to avoid aggravating facts in order to present certain actors either in a demonic or angelic light; to present all parties involved in disputes in an objective manner, by complying with the principle of multiple-source information, including alternative sources; to report on the events in a truthful and equidistant manner, without distorting the real meaning by editing or commenting.

The Broadcasting Coordination Council (BCC), acting as guarantor of public interest and regulatory authority in the audio-visual sector, is advised to take knowledge and steps in relation to the broadcasters which constantly violate the right of Moldovan citizens to a complete, objective and truthful information, right to free expression of opinions and right to free reporting of information by means of radio and television mass-media. Similarly, BCC should monitor the manner in which foreign television channels, which are rebroadcast in R. Moldova, comply with the national and European legislation on broadcasting in terms of the correct, objective and pluralist information. Provided that such monitoring reveals constant deviations from legal provisions, the BCC should apply penalties, including obliging the broadcasters which re-broadcast foreign TV channels to cover the news programs and political debate shows with national and/or European products.

The quarterly monitoring report can be accessed on API’s website: www.api.md.

Monitoring of mass-media institutions occurs during the campaign against informational manipulation by means of mass-media „Manipulation fools us. Don’t let anyone think instead of you!”, implemented by API with the support of Free Press Unlimited (The Netherlands) and National Endowment for Democracy (USA).

The monitoring report was produced under the project ”Promoting objective journalism and enhancing mass-media literacy of Moldovan regions’ inhabitants”, financed by National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Contact information: 022 22-09-96

(contact person: Petru Macovei)

Report on monitoring Nr. 1

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