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API and CIJ have announced the winners of the national contest in the field of human rights
Premiantele concursului: Natalia Porubin (stânga), Eugenia Pogor (dreapta)
Foto: Colaj API

Journalists Eugenia Pogor and Natalia Porubin were declared as winners of the national contest of articles/reports and programs on human rights in the Republic of Moldova, organized by Independent Press Association (API) and the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) in March-September 2016. As a prize the two participants will pay a visit to UN Human Rights Council session held in Geneva (Switzerland), in early November this year. At this event Moldovan authorities are to present a report on the fulfillment of commitments in the area of human rights undertaken within the international exercise - Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

12 journalists from different media institutions from the country competed for the two awards: TV channels (five participants) and radio stations (two), printed press (two) and online press (three), with a total of 30 materials.

The award-winning journalists were selected by 5 members of the jury: three media experts and two experts in the field of human rights. The following criteria were considered: relevance of the materials to the topic; impact of the article/report/program on the issue; factual content and work with sources of information/ relevance of sources (national and international experts, NGOs, ordinary citizens, authorities, etc.); accuracy and veracity of facts; separation of facts from opinions; impartiality; right of reply; coherent language. Following the calculation of points awarded, the jury determined the following winners: Eugenia Pogor from Radio Free Europe (1032 points), for her video reportages: "Little People, big problems", "In their home" and „Out of patience” and Natalia Porubin from Center for Investigative Journalism (994 points) for the materials: "Abused children, almost forgotten by authorities", "Children with disabilities, left at the mercy of foreign donors" and "Parents leave – who takes care of children".

Among the first five journalists we can see Maria Supac, www.newsmaker.md (940 points): “Report on the care taken”, “Moldova faces the problem of power concentration in the hands of some people” and “Not in your own body. How transgenders live in Moldova”, Vitalie Gutu TVR Moldova (934 points) for the programs: "Children's rights, torture and ill-treatment of minors", "Since 31 May, in the Republic of Moldova smoking in enclosed and semi-closed public places is banned”, “The right to be chosen”, Olga Bulat, "Ziarul de Garda" (923 points): "Autism - Intense World Syndrome", "Bittersweet freedom: Barbed wire in the soul of former prisoners", “The left bank of the Dniester – a dangerous zone”.

At the meeting on tabulation of results, Ion Mazur who was responsible for the contest on behalf of API mentioned the high level of competition due to the large number of qualitative materials submitted and the wide range of issues addressed by journalists. Another important aspect highlighted by I. Mazur refers to the fact that nominees were assessed by several members of jury and due to this the decision was unbiased. “Impeccable, fair, accurate and relevant materials were submitted by many participants but I would like to mention the effort of journalists to identify problems related to human rights that have never been addressed, new and relevant sources, pluralism of sources, field work” said Alina Radu, jury member. Both she and another jury member – Gheorghe Budeanu, stated that there were several deviations from ethical norms in some materials. It was suggested that their authors should be informed individually about this thing so that to avoid this kind of situation in the future. “It was a real pleasure assessing articles and programs. It is seen in the high score they accumulated. I think that some journalists could have obtained a higher score if they had suggested solutions to the problems identified and had called for accountability of authorities for the lack of results in solving these problems”, said Dumitru Rusu, Nondiscrimination Coalition expert.

For further information: tel.: (22) 22 09 95, 068 983 983, contact person – Ion Mazur.

The contest was organized within the project „Promoting human rights, tolerance and diversity by means of media" implemented by API with the financial support of Civil Rights Defenders.

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Curtea Constituțională și-a anulat hotărârile din 7-9 iunie 2019
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Marșul de mâine se amână!
Prim-ministrul Republicii Moldova, Maia Sandu, a remis presei un mesaj prin care îndeamnă oamenii să stea duminică acasă. „Dragi cetățeni din toată țara, Duminică vă îndemnăm…
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Видеофакт: над Бельцами низко пролетел большой самолёт
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15 Iunie 2019
Schimbări pe site-ul Guvernului: Maia Sandu – premier și un nou cabinet de miniștri
În aceeași zi în care noul cabinet de miniștri și-a desfășurat prima ședință în clădirea Executivului, pe site-ul Guvernului au fost făcute mai multe modificări.…
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Умер режиссер фильма «Укрощение строптивой» Франко Дзеффирелли
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Чудеса в аэропорту. Подборка смешных фотографий
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