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50 percent of officials with integrity problems continue holding public positions, being even promoted
API și portalul Moldova Curată au prezentat un studiu despre reacția instituțiilor publice la investigațiile jurnalistice
Foto: API

On Monday, 22 January 2018, the Association of Independent Press (API) and the portal www.MoldovaCurata.md launched the study “Public institutions’ feedback to journalistic investigations: many initiatives, but few results”. The authors of the study conclude a lack of political will to exclude public officials with integrity problems from the public services, and in some cases they have even been promoted regardless of the facts signaled in professional journalistic investigations. The experts stress as well the low level of sanctions applied to the officials for their failure to declare public their income and personal interests. At the public event for launching the study, a series of recommendations were issued to the control institutions and corruption-fighting bodies, other decision makers, as well as to representatives of the civil society and journalists.

The study “Public institutions’ feedback to journalistic investigations: many initiatives, but few results” documented the feedback of authorities to the facts described by investigation journalists in the period 2014-2017, referring to the integrity of public officials. API experts Viorica Zaharia and Victor Moșneag, authors of the study, concluded that half of the persons concerned in the 32 resounding cases, signaled in this period by investigation journalists, continue working in their positions and did not incur any consequences, and in 8 cases – they were even promoted. Under circumstances when, in many fields, especially the judicial one, there are legislative and normative provisions referring to the immaculate reputation of employees, they are not complied with, and the only solution remains to be a political will in the form of a strong commitment to make order in public institutions, giving up the services of officials with integrity problems, the authors of the study consider.

Out of the 24 controls performed as a result of journalistic investigations by the former National Integrity Committe (Rom: CNI) and the National Anti-Corruption Center (Rom: CNA), only 10 ended up in sanctions. In the case of National Integrity Committee, a part of the cases were filed away, because the institution did not effectively check the statements declared by the subjects, but only if these were declared accordingly and whether the data indicated in statement on income and property correspond with the official data in official databases (Agency for Public Services etc.), without verifying the difference between the value of goods and the legal income of the person. Additionally, in some cases the persons remained without any contravention or criminal penalty because of the expiry of prescriptive period. This deadline, in case of conflict of interests, is interpreted differently by CNI and CNA, problem which was repeatedly signaled by CNI and the media, but remained unsolved. At the same time, State Tax Service (Rom: SFS) has not shown until now any interest in checking, within the limits of their competence, the signals sent by the media on non-transparent financing of parties and election campaigns.

The experts call upon institutions for control, prevention and fighting of corruption – National Authority for Integrity, National Anti-Corruption Center, Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office etc. – to start controls based on journalistic investigations, which include evidence and documents, and indicate upon illegal facts of public officials. The institutions should publicly state the actions undertaken, ensuring thus the public with clear proofs of real will to fight corruption and promote integrity in the public sector.

The authors of the study recommend the representatives of the civil society to undertake the duty of monitoring how state institutions react to various disclosures from journalistic investigations, sending requests of information or even denunciations, which would oblige state institutions to give feedback.

API experts analyzed 32 resounding investigations, published by the portals MoldovaCurata.md and Anticoruptie.md, “Ziarul de Gardă” and „RISE Moldova”– media institutions specialized in journalistic investigations in the field of integrity, corruption and organized crime.

The event for introducing the Study publicly was attended by representatives of authorities for control and surveillance of properties, interests and integrity of public officials, institutions for preventing and fighting corruption, members of the Parliament, representatives of the specialized Parliamentary Commissions, other public institutions, journalists, representatives of anti-corruption NGOs, opinion leaders, other stakeholders.

Lilian Chișca, deputy president of the National Authority for Integrity, confirmed that a good deal of controls performed by the former National Center for Integrity had been initiated based on journalistic investigations, but many of them were not finalized because of the legislative gaps. He specified that, even if new provisions had been introduced into the new Law on declaration of property and interests, National Authority for Integrity would still not be able to verify the final beneficiary of goods, but only the subject of declaration and the persons kept by him/her. The deputy Tudor Deliu, deputy chairperson of the Parliamentary Commission for legal issues, appointments and privileges, declared that, currently, the appointment in public positions is not done based on meritocracy and professionalism, since the authorities are not willing to give up obedient persons. He promised to request the discussion of the Study results in the Parliament, including in the specialized Commission. Cristina Țarină, former deputy director of National Anti-Corruption Center, mentioned that competent and integral persons have no desire to apply for public contests because they are disappointed with their results’ correctness. The deputy Anatolie Zagorodnîi, another deputy chairperson of specialized Parliamentary Commission, mentioned that there is a political will at the authorities’ level to promote integral persons, specifying that a series of laws have been adopted over the last years, meant to fortify the system of integrity. In her feedback, Elena Prohnițchi, expert of ADEPT, highlighted the fact that the majority of important laws were adopted after partners for development had conditioned  the re-commencement of foreign financing with the adoption of these laws.

The electronic version of the Study in Romanian language may be downloaded on the websites www.api.md  and www.moldovacurata.md, and conclusions and recommendations were translated into English and Russian languages.

The event was organized within the framework of the project „Strengthening the integrity principle and providing legal assistance for obtaining information of public interest through the online platform www.moldovacurata.md”, implemented by the Association of Independent Press (API) with the financial support of Soros-Moldova Foundation/Good Governance Program.

The opinions presented in the study belong to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Foundation.

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